Wind Conditions in Lanzarote

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Wind and Wave Conditions in Famara Lanzarote


Maybe you saw someone kitesurfing at the beach, flying on top of his board across the waves with his kite, maybe you watched it on the TV, or maybe on the internet. Maybe you heard about some important contest... everything could have happened here in Famara... Kitesurfing in Famara, Lanzarote is worldwide known.  Come TRY it!!!

The Canaries are famous for their great conditions to practice Kitesurfing. Specially at the beach of Famara, in the island of Lanzarote, maybe one of the best places on earth to kitesurf whatever your level may be. It is great for beginners because it is really safe.

Famara has an enormous beach without any rocks, with great stable wind,which is also good for experienced kiters. Proof of it is the amount of contests that are held there every year: World Tour, Spanish Championship, or the State Cup.

The dominant wind is out of the NE, created by the trade winds built up in the Atlantic due to the interaction of anticyclonic pressures at the Azores latitudes. These winds go down along the whole North African coast and then turn west towards America.

This wind direction is side / on shore at the beach, which makes it very safe for learning, because it always takes you back to the shore and at the same time very good for sailing because you can easily go in and out.

All of this added to the beauty of the surroundings, the 6 km white sandy beach with turquoise waters..etc make it a true kitesurfers paradise.

KITE SURF LESSONS in Famara (Lanzarote):

¡¡Have a blast, you deserve it, you are on holidays!!, come to Lanzarote and learn kite surfing with VolcanoKite School


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