Kitesurfing Holidays in Lanzarote

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Kitesurfing Holidays in Famara Lanzarote

We all know the feeling, when the clocks change in October and the nights start to draw in. The temperatures drop and come 5pm it feels like bed time! Just imagine what it would be like to escape to on a holiday to Lanzarote, where the temperatures are still around 23 degrees and the nights stay light until around 7pm!

Lanzarote is a popular winter holiday destination due to its all year round climate. Although there is a bit more rain during the winter months (although not alot compared to mainland Europe!) the weather is generally much, much warmer than in Europe.

This is thanks to the fact that Lanzarote is just 80km from the coast of Africa and the Sahara Desert. 
The north part of Lanzarote, where Famara is located enjoys the open Atlantic, the longest sandy beach in the whole island and sharp cliffs that rise from the sea giving this part of the island an incredible vacational spot.

Although Lanzarote is an small island it's amazing how many different things there are to do and to see. Distances are not big and you can still enjoy a day at the beach and go swimming and go visit somewhere on the same day.

It is very possible to sit out on the beach, enjoying a very warm sun during November and December. It's a somewhat satisfying experience when you think back to your friends and family freezing back home in winter months.

Lanzarote maintains a very steady temperature all year around due to the Atlantic so in the summer months there is not an excessive heat either.

It's amazing how much better a bit of winter sunshine can make you feel. Many people suffer from SAD syndrome that makes them lethargic and tired in the winter months. A short winter holiday in Lanzarote can give your body a boost during the winter months and revitalise your enthusiasm and energy. It may sound daft but it's certainly true!

There are not many destinations, within Europe, that offer you the winter weather of Lanzarote. The other Canaries offer good weather, but Lanzarote generally tends to be the drier of the islands.

Famara Beach

Famara Beach is one of the longest beaches in Lanzarote, around 6 km long. The beach has beautiful surroundings and a majestic mountain falling straight in the Ocean at the end of the beach

playa de famara

The town is called Caleta de Famara, and the mountain that surrounds it is called "el risco" (the mountain).

It is a priviliged beach for the practise of water sports or beach sports, such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing (experts only), para gliding...

The whole area is a Natural park protected by the local authorities from further house development, illegal fisheries, cars driving on the sand or dunes...etc.

it is a really quiet fisherman village with several restaurants, supermarkets, and surf shops.

With all of these ingredients: the big mountain, the ocean, the small quiet town, the sun.. the visiors always leaves impresed, so in case you are not coming to Lanzarote for sport practicing you should at least go visit the village, you will not regret it.

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