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Kite Hydro Foiling

You already know how to kitesurf - Let´s make it more fun now and start to go faster, to kite upwind like never before...
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About Kite Foiling

If you would to keep developing your skills in kitesurfing you may want to start trying the foil experience. Everybody is talking about Hydro foiling. We see the guys flying above the water, going crazy fast, higher upwind, quick 360s, kiting on days with almost no wind and it looks interesting enough to draw our attention. But besides all of the advantages it may have over the use of other boards (or not, depending on each one´s objectives) what is really hard to describe is the feeling of gliding above the water on your “magic carpet”.  That´s something you really have to try for yourself.



Initiating yourself in kite foiling is easy, just buy a hydrofoil and go, right? Well, it happens a bit like kitesurfing itself, if you have the chance to take a few lessons and get going you will save yourself lots of time and money:

First, because the equipment is expensive, and the best equipment for learning is not really the best equipment once you have learnt.

Then, having someone explaining you the technique to do it will save lots of time, lots of frustration, and will even make the difference between becoming a “kite foiler” or quitting the discipline all together.

Lastly because it is a little complex new world, it is good to have experts explaining you first hand how everything works.  It is good to try the equipment before you get in the sport because it will make you understand all that “theory” and what people are talking about and lead you to make a better purchase of your equipment once you decided to pursue kite hydro foiling.




The best way to initiate yourself into kite foiling is behind a boat. Taking the kite out of the equation will let you understand how a hydro foil works in the water relative to the speed. It will allow you to concentrate on learning how it reacts to the speed, and will let us concentrate on how to manage our weight relative to the fin, and our positioning on the board. We´ll have a theory introduction and then we´ll go out behind the boat and practice.

  • All equipment included
  • Safety gear (helmet and life vest)
  • 2 Hours

 foil water lessons

KITE FOILING LESSONS PHASE 2 –  Foiling with the kite

Once that we begin to understand a little bit the foil under our board we can add the kite in the equation.

When learning to kite foil we want to be as relaxed as possible, and to have as few negative elements and nuances as possible. We don´t want waves, other people around us, we want our space, we would prefer not having to do the "walk of shame" and spend time coming back up walking up the beach with the board…etc.

That is why we´ll take you out with the boat to the sea and follow you, correct your mistakes and get you going.

  • All equipment included
  • Safety gear (helmet and life vest)
  • 2 Hours.



The normal progression in the sport of kite surfing is to start with the twin tip board, then start using the surfboard, and then to start with the hydro foil. It is recommended to start using a surfboard (or unidirectional kite board), because the water start is similar to the kite foiling, or at least closer to the surf board tan to the twintip, and then the general riding is also more similar (the foil is also unidirectional)


NOTE: Price based on availability, 2 persons minimum, and sea conditions.

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               MFC HYDROFOILS

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lift foils en lanzarote canarias

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